Rebranding : Behind the logo

Floor Raaijmakers
October 14, 2018

Welcome to Fraay Marine, and our new look website.

Seeking a fresh design, we commissioned a new company logo to reflect what we do with a passion – ship broking. Our logo designer put a great amount of thought and talent into the work, successfully combining various elements that reflect the business we are in. Here is a little insight into the design, in their own words

“The M is shaped to look like the vessel, as well as a whale tail for good luck, and a shell, symbolizing reliability and strength through the protection, but also prosperity, as many cultures were to use shells as a currency.”

We are thrilled with the final design, and how it complements the overall look and feel of our site. But in saying this, there are some things about Fraay Marine that haven’t changed; our dedicated team who are here to offer you the very best service we can for all your ship broking needs.